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Listen to The Monroe Institute blog radio show interview of Natalie Sudman and Bob Holbrook about the uneXplained television show (Bio channel), and about Natalie and Bob's plans for the next year or two. Click here to listen.

If you missed "Journey of the Lost" episodes of the uneXplained television show, check local listings for reruns, or visit the Biography Channel website for more information,clips and possibly full episodes.


Listen to The Monroe Institute (TMI) blog radio show interview of Natalie Sudman and other participants of TMI's Lifelines program as seen on the uneXplained television show (Bio channel) in Oct and Nov 2012. Click here to listen



Two back to back episodes of the unXplained television show filmed at the Monroe Institute. I will be in these episodes - tune in!

“Journey of the Lost” - A group of 13 dedicated people gather on top of a rural Virginia mountain in an attempt to rescue deceased spirits across the country. Sometimes called the real “ghost-busters,” The Monroe Institute’s Lifeliners seek out souls who have not yet crossed over and try to help them do so.

Watch a episodes online here.

Interview with AfterlifeTV: Part 2

Part 2 interview with Bob Olson of AfterlifeTV is posted at, and on YouTube.

The Biography Channel spends a week at The Monroe Institute!

On March 9th, a group of young cameramen arrived at Robert's Mountain Retreat to spend the week capturing the experiences of thirteen participants during the Lifeline program.

UnXplained is a new series that is featured on the Biography Channel, as well as A&E. After Executive Producer Russ Stratton, attended a Gateway Voyage Program several years ago, he immediately knew that it was important to share this experience with the world.

After years of planning, he brought his film crew of five cameramen to capture this process in action during a Lifeline program.

For the entire week, thirteen participants from all over the world, were filmed as their journey through the Lifeline program unfolded. Belief systems were reframed, parts of Self were reclaimed, and many experienced assisting souls to the light.

By the end of the week, the crew had become part of the group and even listened to a few of the exercises with the participants. The participants got great enjoyment in the excitement on the their faces as they explained what they had experienced.

Over 100 hours of footage were taped during the week. Now editing and confirming data is in process, the finished film to air possibly this summer.

The bond created between participants and the film crew was nothing short of amazing and some crew members are very eager to return as participants themselves!

The episode is scheduled to air late-July or Early August. Stay tuned for the official date so you don't miss out on the premiere of a very exciting week caught on film!

Interview: Afterlifetv

Bob Olson interviews Sudman about her near-death experience in Iraq, and applications of some of the things that she discovered during that experience. Watch the interview online at or on YouTube at


March 4, 2012  Interview: First Church of Metaphor

Laura Deal interviews Sudman about her book Application of Impossible Things, exploring ideas presented in the book as well as Sudman's thoughts about related subjects. Read the interview online at:

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