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Visit Sudman's blog at


Galleries & Publishers

Inyan Trace Art Studio, unique memorials for valuable souls. Natalie Sudman's hand made ceramic cremation and memorial urns.

Davis & Cline Galleries, Ashland Oregon represents Sudman's two-dimensional work. Visit the gallery at

Hearthbright Books, an e-publishing house worth waiting for, online in the fall of 2012 at

Ozark Mountain Publishing, providing accurate, interesting, and educational books that open the mind to fascinating possibilities in the realm of psi. Browse their book titles at  


Arts & Artists 

Denise DuBroy, the striking luminosity of her abstract paintings brings the prairie to vivid life

Mark Zimmerman & Mary Wipf, creating powerful art in the powerful space of South Dakota

Lone Goose Press, Eugene Oregon


Other Interesting Links

The Monroe Institute, Faber, VA, a world-renowned research and experiential learning facility. Studies and  experiential learning applied to PTSD, healing, surgery,personal expansion and exploration, as well as many other interests. No dogma, no sales pitch, no limits. We are more than our physical bodies. Learn more at 


Recommended Authors

LGC Smith, entertaining and literate historical and fantasy romance novels by a master of the genre.  

Lori G. Armstrong, whose fast-paced mysteries capture both the searing beauty and hidden brutalities of western South Dakota. 

Scott McMillion, Montana journalist and author of Mark of the Grizzly. McMillion's innumerable articulate, intelligent, witty articles explore natural history, wildlife, and human intersections with the each other and environment. 

Russell Targ, physics PhD and author of numerous books that explore and expand our understanding of consciousness.

Frank DiMarco, articulately exploring the boundaries of perception and consciousness in Muddy Tracks and The Cosmic Internet

Skip Atwater, a veteran of the military's remote viewing unit and lab director at the Monroe Institute, author of the humble yet authoritative and entertaining Captain of My Ship, Master of My Soul

Paul Rademacher, public speaker, artist, closet musician, and author of the witty and absorbing book entitled A Spiritual Hitchhiker's Guide to the Universe, Travel Tips for the Spiriutally Perplexed. Watch for more books by Rademacher in the next year or two. 

Joseph McMoneagle, remote viewer with the military's special RV unit, author of Mind TrekRemote Viewing Handbook, and Ultimate Time Machine



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