Natalie Sudman’s artwork follows an abstract, intuitive interpretation of the world, be that the physical world perceived through the five senses, or the world known through emotion, dream or spirit.

Sudman's paintings, prints, and collages introduce juxtapositions of seemingly disparate, unexplained fragments of words, scientific notes or sketches, scraps from everyday life, and colors that could only have meaning to herself or an imaginary individual, inviting the viewer to follow his/her own curiosity and intuitive perceptive process to discovery.

Sudman has recently returned to ceramics after a three decade hiatus. She creates unique, handbuilt vessels evoking ritual and ceremony. 


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Natalie Sudman's writing includes both non-fiction and fiction. Application of Impossible Things: Out of Body in Iraq (non-fiction) details an out-of-body experience she had when the vehicle she was traveling in was hit by a Roadside bomb in Iraq. It is available through Ozark Mountain Publishing, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, or your favorite bookstore. 

Bare Bones (fiction), a love story of loss and renewal, will be e-published by Hearthbright Books in 2017.

Sagebrush, a limited edition book published by Lone Goose Press of Eugene Oregon, includes an essay by Sudman with an original collage by Terri Warpinski in each book. Sagebrush is available by contacting Sudman or through Amazon

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